Desarrollos Knightsbridge Limitada To Develop Affordable Housing In Costa Rica

Affordable Housing In Costa Rica

We are excited to announce that through our sister company, Desarrollos Knightsbridge Limitada, are currently in discussions with the government of Costa Rica to develop sustainable and affordable housing in Costa Rica with a particular focus on some of country’s poorest areas. This project is completely non-profit and done at cost. The hope is that our model will encourage other countries and businesses to follow suit with their own affordable and sustainable housing projects across the world.

The project is the brainchild of President and CEO of Knightsbridge Group of Companies, Will Smith, who is working with Costa Rican locals and government officials to make this dream a reality. Named the The Garcia / Smith Project, the plan is to launch an initiative to provide a sustainable model for affordable housing for some of the country’s lowest income earners in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Affordable & Sustainable Housing ProjectCurrently, this project is focused on the lower economically developed areas of the Central Valley, however if this model proves to be successful then the hope is to extend it to other areas of the country. Each development built as a part of this project is a non-profit endeavor and is primarily focused on giving back to the community. This is apart our companies ongoing commitment to the environment and social responsibility

To achieve this project, the plan is to build housing based on prefabricated modular construction. Each house will incorporate environmental initiatives including solar panels and greywater harvesting systems, making them both cheap to run and sustainable. Everything we built will be at cost and with no fees or mark-ups, making it truly affordable houses for the community. Our hope is that other countries and businesses across Latin America will follow suit with similar give-back-to-the-community projects.

At this moment we are only in the planning phase with local councils and government agencies. We will keep you updated more on this as the model begins to take shape. If you would like to receive regular news regarding The Garcia / Smith Project, then be sure to subscribe to our online newsletter. Otherwise, to learn more information about Desarrollos Knightsbridge Limitada then get in-touch with one of our team members: