Knightsbridge Group of Companies Announces Expansion Into The Industrial Market

Knightsbridge Development Corporation recently announced our expanded line of services, including the providing of development and construction management services for the industrial market. At this time Knightsbridge has approximately 12.9 million square feet of development and construction in the pipeline, while continuing to pursue additional...

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Knightsbridge Development Corporation Selected As A London Construction Award Finalist

We are very pleased to announce that Knightsbridge Development Corporation has made it past the preliminary round of voting and has been shortlisted as a London Construction Award Finalist for the Excellence In Sustainability Award. We were selected among a record number of high quality submissions for 2022 and shortlisted among 8 ot...

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Desarrollos Knightsbridge Limitada To Develop Affordable Housing In Costa Rica

We are excited to announce that through our sister company, Desarrollos Knightsbridge Limitada, are currently in discussions with the government of Costa Rica to develop sustainable and affordable housing in Costa Rica with a particular focus on some of country's poorest areas. This project is completely non-profit and done at cost. The hope is t...

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Knightsbridge Development Corporation Head Office Has Moved

We are very happy to announce that Knightsbridge Development Corporation's head office has officially moved to Old Toronto today. After being based at University Avenue for the past several years, we are pleased to say that we are moving to larger offices and a new location due to growing business demands. We officially move into our new offices starting March 7th, 2022. The new details for our bu...

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Knightsbridge Group Of Companies Announces New Projects In Costa Rica

Knightsbridge Group of Companies are pleased to announce that we have undertaken our first construction and development project in Costa Rica that fully utilizes the synergies of our entire group of companies. This is a part of a plan to build one of seven new projects throughout the beautiful country of Costa Rica, each focusing on different aspects of eco-tourism and wellness. ...

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Specs And Interesting Facts About The Well Toronto

Welcome to 2022! We thought it might be fun to go over some of the unique features of one of our projects: The Well in Toronto. Construction for this project commenced in 2016 and is currently set for completion around the end of 2022. This large-scale, mixed-use development will change the face of downtown Toronto for the foreseeable future and bring ...

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Knightsbridge Group Of Companies Map Of Global Offices

A new map design has been commissioned to showcase Knightsbridge Group Of Companies global image and offices from around the world. These includes Knightsbridge Development Corporation's global presence in North America, with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Halifax, along with our office in England for all our European-based development projects. The map also illustrates our presence i...

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The Spa Ritual – A Case Study

Welcome to our new "case study" series where we take an in-depth look at some past construction and development projects we have completed at Knightsbridge Development Corporation. These articles will include a breakdown of the project, the requirements given to us by the clients, the challenges presented to us during the development (as well as our solutions), and some information on the finished...

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Will Smith Appointed CEO of Knightsbridge Group Of Companies

We are pleased to announce that the board of directors at Knightsbridge Group have appointed Will Smith as CEO of Knightsbridge Group Of Companies effective immediately. Mr. Will Smith will also continue to serve as President of Knightsbridge Development Corporation with a mandate to expand the business through Canada, United Kingdom, and Central and South America through Read More

Knightsbridge Group Announces The Acquisition Of Pan Am Construction Managers In Costa Rica

Knightsbridge Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Pan Am Constructions Managers: a construction management and building services company for projects within Costa Rica and throughout Latin America. For over twenty years, Pan Am Constructions Managers has been offering world class construction experience, competitive prices, finan...

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Construction Technology Trends In 2021

Last year, the world was faced with the emerging coronavirus pandemic and a very uncertain future. This had a large impact on many sectors in the construction and development industry as offices had to temporarily close and more people worked from home than ever before. As countries increased their vaccination efforts and the world began to reopen their doors, the entire industry started to rethin...

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Knightsbridge Group Announces Halifax Project Milestone

We are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired the land for our new purpose-built, multi-family, residential project under contract, which marks a milestone for Knightsbridge Equities Corporation's expansion into Atlantic Canada, on the heels of Knightsbridge Development Corporation's opening of our new offices in Halifax.

The project in Halifax Nova Scotia will allow us to apply our...

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5 Eco Friendly Alternatives To Concrete

Concrete literally surrounds our lives. With an estimated 10 billion tons of concrete produced each year, it has become the single most widely used material in the world. It is also one of the most consumed substances in the world, only losing out to water. More than two thirds of all people on this planet live in a concrete structure. Of course, with this, it also means that traditional concrete ...

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Architecture Project Of The Week: Area 10: The Last Nuclear Bomb Memorial

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new blog for Knightsbridge Development Corporation: a development, project and construction management consultancy based in Toronto, Ontario. Our blog will showcase everything to do with the latest trends in architecture, construction, building practises, new technology, commercial real estate and sustainable d...

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The official launch of Knightsbridge Equities Corporation

Today we announce the official launch of Knightsbridge Equities Corporation, a real estate investment fund providing accredited investors the opportunity to invest in Canadian and International Real Estate.

Initially, Knightsbridge Equities Corporation will be providing three separate investment opportunities, each of whic...

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