Knightsbridge Group of Companies Announces Expansion Into The Industrial Market

Knightsbridge Expansion To Industrial Market

Knightsbridge Development Corporation recently announced our expanded line of services, including the providing of development and construction management services for the industrial market. At this time Knightsbridge has approximately 12.9 million square feet of development and construction in the pipeline, while continuing to pursue additional projects within our existing service sectors including mixed-use, luxury retail, and office developments.

Industrial to Residential Construction

Additionally, Knightsbridge Development Corporation had previously announced their work with affordable and not-for-profit housing based on sustainable construction practices and energy efficiency in Costa Rica, through our Latin American subsidiary, Desarrollos Knightsbridge Limitada.

Residential Construction

Our model for sustainable housing is being further developed at this time for the market in the United Kingdom, which proposes to repurpose existing buildings on Brownfield sites in the United Kingdom including former industrial structures, which is being developed through our UK subsidiary, KDC UK in London.

Through all our work we want to promote sustainability, energy efficiency and the pursuit of carbon neutrality regardless of the industry real estate sector.