Specs And Interesting Facts About The Well Toronto

The Well Toronto

Welcome to 2022! We thought it might be fun to go over some of the unique features of one of our projects: The Well in Toronto. Construction for this project commenced in 2016 and is currently set for completion around the end of 2022. This large-scale, mixed-use development will change the face of downtown Toronto for the foreseeable future and bring with it meaningful experiences for people across Canada and beyond. The Well is destined to set the standards of a place to eat, shop, work, and play thanks to it’s unique mixture of stores, restaurants, food markets, workspaces and residences.

As we are currently scheduled for just under a year before completion, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss some of the incredible specs and interesting facts about this massive project.

The Well Corner


Here are just some of the specs that make up The Well Toronto.

The Well Construction Site


The Well is set to be one of the most ambitious mixed-use developments in Canada, particularly when it comes to sheer scale. Over a single 7.76-acre site, The Well will be made up of a total of around 3 million square feet of new development in Toronto. This is spread between a mixture of public space and seven distinct buildings, the largest being a 39-storey office tower at the corner of Front and Spadina.

There is also a 70,000 square feet dedicated to a European-inspired food market and an additional 35,000 square feet of glass canopy open-air walkways.

Of the near three million square feet that makes up The Well, over 1,200,000 square feet is office space and another 350,000 square feet is retail space for the public to enjoy. Together they make up around half of the existing space of The Well. The other half, or just over 1,500,000 square feet, is set aside for the residential sector of the development with about half of that space dedicated to premium rental apartments and the other half used for luxury condominiums.

The residential sector will include 1,700 units of both premium and luxury apartments spread throughout six residential rentals and condominiums, as well as one office building connected to a three-level retail base.

The Well Demographics


All in all, there will be an estimated 20,000 daily traffic at The Well. It’s firmly believed that The Well is the perfect location in downtown Toronto to eat, sleep, work, and play, with people from all over the world enjoying the many amenities this space has to offer. In fact, a total of one third of the area size will be outdoor space accessible to the public

Similarly, The Well is predicted to create around 7,000 new office-related jobs, 1,300 new retail jobs, and provide residency for at least 1,700 people.

The Well Toronto Construction


With regards to the development aspect of this project, The Well has seen an average at least 900 workers onsite a day during peak construction, which included 9 cranes and an estimated 70,000 trucks used to evacuate the site.

The construction includes 4 kilometres of steel beams with a total of 585 tons of steel being used to support the canopy. There is at least 1900 unique pieces of glass for the buildings of The Well, along with 250 metric tons of gutter provided for drainage. All in all, this makes it one of the largest construction projects in Canada.

The Well At Night


Some of the unique facts about The Well upon completion.

The Well Office Terrace


The Well will redefine how business is done. With over half of the existing space of The Well dedicated to offices, it’s more important than ever to ensure your place of work is elegant, sophisticated, and attractive for potential renters.

The office tower stands as the largest building at 39 stories and will include floor-to-ceiling windows, double-height space and an offset core optimized for various office planning scenarios. It will be ideal for a variety of businesses, but is particularly catered to the tech sector and companies that offer professional services.

Outside of the office tower, there is also an additional 350,000 square feet of rentable retail space for the public sector of The Well.

The Well Condos & Rentals


At least half of the acquired development of The Well is set aside for the residence sector. This includes 1,700 residential suites that is spread throughout six buildings, offering an extension of the King Street West lifestyle with a completely new take on downtown Toronto living. Residents are encouraged to interact with one another and to take advantage of the services, food, entertainment, retail and work space that is right on their door step.

All in all, The Well offers a variety of living options including a mix of high-rise and mid-rise condominiums and luxury rentals residences. Many of these rentals offer stunning views of downtown Toronto and nearby amenities provide a complete spectrum of urban living without having to travel great distances for the things you need.

One of the crown jewels of the residence sector is FourFifty The Well. This 46 storey building offers 592 units of luxury living. It is also strategically placed at the Front & Spadina, which means that some of the best features that The Well has to offer, including restaurants, bars, cafes, stores, and more, are only a few steps away. FourFifty The Well is set to redefine the meaning of luxury inner city living.

The Well Public Sectors


As mentioned before at least one third of The Well will be public space, so regardless of whether you live or work in this community you will still be able to enjoy so much. The Well offers Toronto locals and visitors a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, and fresh food markets. Much of this will be featured along the promenade that will be lined with retail stores and distinguished restaurants, making it the ‘go-to’ place upon opening.

A cornerstone of The Well’s entertainment district will be the Wellington Market. Here you will find some of the best eateries along with fresh, local produce, artisan fare, and more. You will also be able to experience some of the best entertainment in Toronto at the Wellington Market. The entire space is liquor licenced for a near three and a half thousand capacity. It will also house a 22,000 square feet event venue used for any number of events, concerts, comedy shows and more, so both residents and visitors alike can make the most of the incredible entertainment on offer.

Finally, with The Well’s central location, you will be within close range of King West, Rogers Centre, Trinity Bellwood’s, Toronto International Film Festival, Princess of Wales Theatre, and more.

The Well Expansion With Enwave


The Well is registered under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating system and is targeting for a LEED Platinum certification. To achieve this, the development team have partnered with Enwave to bring the existing deep water source cooling system to a new energy storage facility which is housed at The Well.

The new a new state-of-the-art thermal storage facility contains a one six-million-litre tanks underneath The Well, which stores up to 12 million litres of cool water. This tank can act as a type of “thermal battery” where it can store thermal energy during off peak times, such as at night, which eases strain on electricity, reduces cost, and provides the buildings with low carbon heating and cooling.

You can learn more about deep water source cooling and The Well’s partnership with Enwave in one of our recent blogs on the subject.

Our Involvement With The Well Toronto

You can learn more about Knightsbridge Development Corporation’s involvement in The Well right here. If you would like to get in-touch with one of our offices, then be sure to head to our Contacts page: https://knightsbridgecorp.ca/contacts/