The official launch of Knightsbridge Equities Corporation

The Wells Corner Knightsbridge

Today we announce the official launch of Knightsbridge Equities Corporation, a real estate investment fund providing accredited investors the opportunity to invest in Canadian and International Real Estate.

Initially, Knightsbridge Equities Corporation will be providing three separate investment opportunities, each of which will provide a separate portfolio investment. The three funds are, Knightsbridge Hospitality Fund (hotel and resort based), Knightsbridge Residential Rental Fund, and Knightsbridge Urban In-fill Fund (targeting urban properties capable of supporting higher density than the existing use).

We would also like to recognize the efforts and assistance provided by our advisors, Fasken who provided both corporate and securities legal reviews and filings, Crowe Soberman LLP who provided financial and accounting advise, as well as being appointed auditors for the Firm, and our advisory board for their broad range of expertise and advice.Knightsbridge Equities Corporation

About Knightsbridge Development Corporation

Knightsbridge Development Corporation is an international consultancy with offices in Canada servicing North America, a subsidiary office in San Jose Costa Rica servicing Latin & South America, and London in the United Kingdom which provides a base for the consulting firm’s European presence. 

For more information regarding Knightsbridge Equities Corporation, please contact us: