Top LEED Certified Buildings We Have Worked On

top LEED Certified buildings

We have had the benefit of working on LEED certified projects throughout Canada. Our commitment to sustainability and smart design has allowed us to work on large projects that have qualified for both LEED Gold and Platinum certifications. These awards have helped our clients establish trust and confidence with their tenants by acting as a mark of Environmental and Social Governance. Smart design of these buildings has also allowed them to cut costs significantly through use of green materials and super efficient energy consumption. Construction sites also produce much less waste than non-LEED construction sites, which in turn reduces cost and has a much better impact on the environment and the community.

As we have had the pleasure of working on a number of LEED certified development projects throughout our companies history, we thought we would share the top LEED certified buildings that our company had been involved in as well as discussing what we did to help reduce our carbon footprint and cut costs.

The Well Toronto

The Well

The Well is a massive mixed-use development which is currently under construction in Toronto. It is made up of over 3 million square feet of new development over a single 7.76-acre site spread between public space and seven distinct buildings, the tallest of which stands at 39 stories high. Of this, roughly half of the space is set aside for public, office, and retail with the other half, or just over 1,500,000 square feet, dedicated to the residential sector which houses both premium rental apartments and luxury condominiums. The project broke ground in Fall of 2017 and is set to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

The Well is aiming for both LEED Gold Certification for the retail and residential sectors and LEED Platinum Certification for the office sectors (which makes up more than a third of the development space). To achieve this, we have partnered with Enwave and utilized deep water source cooling which has further extended Enwave’s complex network of heating and cooling in West Toronto. Deep water source cooling takes cool water at a stable temperature of around 4°C (39°F) which is found in the deep waters of Lake Ontario and feeds it into a heat exchange system located below The Well. Here lies a ginormous 45 meter deep tank which holds over 7.6 tons of cool water and acts as a heat sink for the entire development, eliminating the need for high energy consuming chillers.

Enwave Network Expansion To The Well

This closed loop system of thermal energy from Lake Ontario allows electrical systems at The Well, such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) equipment for the entire development to operate more efficiently. Further, The Well also houses a state-of-the-art “thermal battery” where the system can store thermal energy at night during off-peak times. This eases strain on the electricity grid and reduces energy costs. The system is extremely efficient, resilient, and supplies low-carbon heating and cooling throughout all seven buildings of The Well.

Outside of the implementation of deep water source cooling, The Well also conserves energy through the use of highly efficient underfloor air delivery systems, occupancy and daylight sensors for lighting throughout, and electrically controlled water-conserving fixtures. The Well also promotes a number of green and wellness initiatives including sky gardens, bike storage, shower facilities, use of green materials wherever possible, and floor-to-ceiling glass installed into its largest towers which further reduces the need for traditional concrete.



EPCOR Tower stands as a modern multi-tenant building that is committed to both healthy work environments and sustainable practices. At over 149.4 m (490 ft), it stood as the tallest building in Edmonton, Alberta, from 2011 to 2017 until losing that title to the JW Marriott. The tower hosts a number of great amenities including a state-of-the-art conference room, tenant conferences and public collaboration spaces, child care, ground floor retail and restaurants, and much more.

Knightsbridge Development Corporation aided with the pre-construction and planning for this project. We were initially commissioned to review preliminary data previously collected by EPCOR, validate the information provided, and prepare a full space programming analysis in 2007. The data we provided became crucial to the overall design and ultimately the site selection for EPCOR Tower. The analysis we provided became crucial for the design criteria, space programming analysis, stack plans, and future growth analysis. This allowed the developers to effectively put together their teams for this project. After extensive review and analysis, a site was selected for the new home for the EPCOR Tower with construction commencing in 2008.

Upon completion, EPCOR Tower qualified for a LEED Gold Certification thanks to a number of energy conservation initiatives and ultra-high efficiency heating and cooling systems throughout it’s design. These include features such as automated lighting fixtures, an average of 78 independent cooling zones per floor, geothermal tubes for natural-driven heating and cooling, and toilets that recycle captured rainwater. These initiatives has resulted in 90% reduction in stormwater run-off, 64% reduction of onsite water consumption thanks to the recycling of rainwater, and a 23% reduction in energy costs compared to similar sized non-LEED certified buildings, all thanks to the unique geothermal heating and cooling that runs throughout EPCOR Tower.

Other green initiatives for this building includes dedicated car share vehicles located in the underground parking, bicycle parking, lockers and showers, and electrical car charging stations. Similarly, routine services are performed daily to reduce nighttime use of HVAC systems and lighting. Onsite waste is diverted to Edmonton’s state-of-the-art sorting facility, which reduces the amount of trash collected at landfills.

11th Avenue Place Aireal View

11th Avenue Place

11th Avenue Place is a Class-A multi-tenant office building located in the densely populated neighbourhood of Beltline in Calgary, Alberta. The office building stands at over 43 meters tall (144 feet) and is made up of ten floors with an additional penthouse and underground parking space below ground. The building features some excellent amenities including high speed elevators, efficient floor plates, and a modern eco-friendly interior design. It is also a building of sustainability and energy efficiency, which is really what makes it stand out from similar multi-tenant buildings in its area.

Construction for this project broke ground in 2012 after we were approached by the client and asked to assist in the design management, construction, development management, and sale for this project to a new owner upon completion. Our goal was to build a multi-tenant office building with the primary focus on reduced energy consumption and sustainable practises so that it could cut operational costs and achieve a LEED Gold Certification.

To qualify for LEED certification, we based the design of 11th Avenue Place on initial energy modelling. This included the implementation of highly efficient lighting and heating and cooling equipment throughout the building with access to free tenant cooling loop. Low-flow water fixtures and an enhanced waste diversion program were also included. A low voltage relay panel and occupancy sensors in common areas control the lighting of this building, maintaining an energy consumption of only 1.0 watts per square feet.

11th Avenue Place achieved a LEED GOLD Core + Shell Certification and BOMA BEST Gold Certification upon completion. Overall, this project has reduced energy consumption by around 30% compared to non-LEED buildings of a similar size and scale, which helps the building cut operational costs significantly. Other green and healthy initiatives for this development include dedicated carpool stalls for carpooling, improved indoor air quality, open concept layouts, and recycled and low carbon emitting materials which were used in construction.

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