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KDC UK, services clients in the United Kingdom and The EU from our offices in London, offering Development Management, Project Management and Advisory Services.

Our projects span a variety of sectors including mixed-use large urban developments, retail projects and residential including social housing initiatives.

Our Approach to Social Housing in the United Kingdom
Our Approach to Social Housing in the United Kingdom


  • Creation of sustainable and accessible social housing in mixed-use community development to promote equitable housing solutions.
  • Project guidelines based on inclusion to create a mosaic community that appeals to a wide range of users such as Students, Low Income Families, and Seniors.
  • Design standards to meet local building codes while maintaining and repurposing existing buildings.
  • Engagement of local consultants and explore private public partnership opportunities in the UK.
  • KDC UK will provide expertise in development and construction management. Our strategies and solutions will incorporate sustainability, best building practices, and advising on ways to minimize operating costs and property management.


Our concept is to look at social housing in a community model versus an isolation or segregation model where new housing development is inclusive of various socio-economic groups. To encourage adjusted rental rates that address the impact of housing costs as a percentage of net income for those needing assistance while carrying market rents for others.

This sliding scale will assist in the housing of seniors on fixed pensions, students, as well as those living in poverty, while at the same time blending all groups into a broader community where they can be inter-mixed and supportive of each other.

In addition to adding housing stock, the new developments should provide commercial spaces for local shops and services, and open public space, as well as being located on or near major transit lines, forming a smaller version of a true mixed-use development.


Sustainability and architectural control are also key to our concept. We embrace working with brownfield sites and maintaining & repurposing existing buildings. We have found older industrial buildings are well suited for conversions into residential units, and in doing this the history, architecture and the fabric of a community can be respected. Our approach to sustainability is not just ties to our building practices but also to minimizing the cost of operating and maintaining the properties in the short and long term.
From a business model, we would like to explore private public partnership opportunities with local, regional, national governments as well as the Crown. This concept would see the public sector partner provide the land and existing buildings to the project, the private sector partner (KDC UK) in turn would provide development and construction management at cost without profit. The selection of the funding or equity partner would be part of the work carried out by KDC UK, and a profit-sharing ownership structure developed with both the public and equity partners being the only beneficiaries.


In Canada we are also seeing involvement by the Church in terms of solutions for affordable housing under a program where the United Church of Canada is developing low-income rental residential properties using the large parking lots associated with their churches, as well as in some cases the churches themselves where parish sizes are not sustained.

The result has been the identification of 300 properties that will be developed over the next 10 years and then managed by the Church to assist in the housing of low-income earners and their families.


KDC UK believes that our concept can be adapted to all areas throughout the United Kingdom, however at this time we are proposing to focus on three distinctly different regions.

We have selected Greater London, Birmingham in the West Midlands, and Newcastle in Northumberland. While geographically varied all three cities share the common need for more social housing units to service similar segments of the community in the form of Students, Low Income Families, and Seniors.


In Birmingham

  • Highest rates of child poverty are in Birmingham as well as in London
  • Only 0.6% of Birmingham rental properties are affordable to people on housing benefits
  • In Birmingham, just five affordable properties were found out of 852 listings (0.6%) – this was the worst rate in the region

In London

  • 41% of those aged 15-19 are in households living in poverty
  • Households in poverty in London face housing costs that, on average, amount to 56% of their net income

In Newcastle

  • Recently it was published that more than 170,000 children are living below the breadline in the Northeast, with Elswick in Newcastle having the highest levels with 2,942 children or 61% living in poverty
  • Housing costs, on average amount to 56% of net income


We are looking to better understand:

  • How this concept might be received
  • Identify the most receptive parties
  • Enter into discussions about our not-for-profit giving back project


Knightsbridge Development Corporation provides client focused real estate advisory services through world-class intellectual capital and resources. Our mission is to design and execute customized solutions that create value for our clients, applying locally what we learn globally. We provide our clients with a flexible and effective platform to support current and future opportunities. We challenge the status quo with thoughtful consideration of a better future.


We focus on procuring top intellectual assets spanning many disciplines including strategy development, business process engineering and trends, financial and economic analyses and due diligence, while supporting sustainability solutions and minimizing carbon footprint. We build to suit and address our clients based on what is right for them, our industry, and our communities.




We value people, as they are the heart of our success



We are curious, innovative, and creative



We engage in intellectual rigour and attract the industry’s best minds



We act with integrity and both value and honour our relationships. Our clients learn as much from us, as we do from them


Each team member brings with them a wealth of knowledge gained from years of dedication to their craft. We harness this vast source of expertise and tailor it to each project we undertake.


We value exemplary corporate citizenship and observe ethical practices and principles, both in our business and in our relationships with the communities in which we live and work.


We work hard at maintaining strong ties and open lines of communication with our clients and partners locally, nationally and internationally.



President & CEO


Project Delivery Specialist


Project Coordinator


We work with our clients to create sustainable environments, choosing cradle to cradle materials and products whenever possible as part of our involvement on LEED Gold and Platinum accredited projects.

We work hard at maintaining strong ties and open lines of communication with our clients and partners. We are constantly evaluating and evolving our company processes to be greener than the day we first started.

Our long-term goal is to make “reuse” the norm and deliver smart buildings that are energy efficient and provide a healthy environment. We strive to repurpose, reinvent, or bring new life to existing buildings as opposed to total demolition or replacement. We believe this to be an essential response in doing our part in achieving our carbon emission reduction targets and lowering our environmental impact.



In the capacity as Development Managers, Knightsbridge Development Corporation’s services include but are not limited
to the following:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Selection and Acquisition
  • Due Diligence Analysis
  • Program Development
  • Management of Entitlements, Approvals and Permits
  • Budget and Schedule Analyses
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Financial Pro Forma
  • Financing, Applications and Negotiations
  • Coordination of Marketing Activities
  • Leasehold Negotiations
  • Procurement of Professional Design and Consulting Services
  • Design Management
  • Bidding and Awarding of Construction Contracts
  • Management of All Soft/Hard Cost Items
  • Lender Interface and Coordination of Lender Requirements
  • Project Accounting and Administration
  • Construction Management Services
  • Transition to Occupancy
  • Project Close-Out



Knightsbridge Development Corporation provides Project Management services where the overall role of the Project Manager is to work with the owner as their agent to manage the project scope, design and construction.

Initial Development
  • Assist with the development of a start-up budget for the initial development and feasibility stage
  • Identify and review with the client the land use and locational constraints for the project
  • Assist with the identification of possible sites for the project
  • Coordinate the acquisition of a site for the project
  • Identify and review with the client various financing options for the development of the project including options for financing energy efficient features
  • Review the design program and provide consultation regarding energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design options
  • Review of corporate options, opportunities and limitations
  • Assist with the development of legal documentation regarding shareholder investment and prepayment
  • Prepare an initial capital cost budget and time frame
  • Identify, review with the client, and advise on key alternatives or methods of approach in all areas of the development
    process, i.e., legal and contractual relationships, financial, budgeting, risk assessment and avoidance, etc.
  • Assist the client with the selection of the design/construction approach and coordinate the hiring of consultants as required
Project Feasibility & Business Plan Development
  • Coordination of the Client’s consultants undertaking the soils tests, environmental audits, legal and topographical surveys
  • Coordination of any required land appraisals
  • Assistance with the hiring of other Project consultants as required and the coordination of the other Project consultants
  • Coordinate the acquisition of a site for the project
  • Coordination of the financing for the site acquisition
  • Review construction options with the Client
  • Refine the initial capital and operating cost budgets
  • Assist with the acquisition of a development permit for the Project, excluding any rezoning
  • Assist with the review of the initial Project designs and outline specifications
  • Coordination of the site acquisition and land transfer
Project Development
  • Coordination of the other Project consultants
  • Assistance with the selection of the Project construction methodology and assistance with the selection of the Project contractor
  • Finalizing the capital and operating budgets for the Project based on the Schematic Design and Outline Specification to be prepared by the Architect
  • Assistance with internal organization and corporate management
  • Coordination of the development or modification of the legal documentation required to operationalize the project goals and objectives
  • Coordination of the administration of the capital budget of the Project during the construction stage
  • Review working drawings and specifications as well as tender documents and review the same with Client
  • Ensure that all appropriate contracts are executed, and that warranties, insurance and bonding are in place as required by the lender
  • Coordination of the other Project consultants, the contractor, the payment certifier, the quantity surveyor and other financial partners
  • Facilitate the contractor in acquiring building and occupancy permits
  • Review any change orders and review the same with Client, administer the execution of the same as required
  • Oversee the Project schedule, as prepared by the contractor in consultation with the other consultants
  • Administration of progress claims and advances, during construction and financial construction records
  • Assist the Client in setting up appropriate records and systems for the ongoing management of the Project
Post Construction Services
  • Coordinate the preparation of the final cost account
  • Coordinate the enforcement of the construction warranty
  • Assist the Client to review its management and operating systems
  • Manage the project close out and assemble the close out documents


(Not at risk)


Knightsbridge Development Corporation provides PostConstruction and Project Management services where the overall role of the Construction Manager is to work with the owner as their agent to manage the project
scope, design and construction.

Our Construction Management Services for the pre-construction phase include:
  • Project Management
  • Contractor Selection process and Pre-qualification
  • Scope of Work Development
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Community Relations
  • Design Reviews
  • Oversight of BIM Process
  • Oversight for LEED Design
  • Conceptual Budgeting and Estimating
  • Scheduling Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructability and Sustainability Reviews
  • Risk Management Program
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Tender and Award Recommendations
  • Trade Contractor Qualification
  • Procurement of Major Trade Contractors
Our Construction Management Services for the construction phase include:
  • Project Management
  • Community Relations
  • Oversight of BIM Process
  • Coordination of Quality Assurance Programs
  • Insurance Program Implementation
  • Management of Submission Process
  • Coordination of Testing and Inspections
  • Scheduling
  • Project Proforma Tracking and Record Keeping
  • Cost Forecast Reporting
  • FF&E Management
  • Government Inspections
  • Deficiency List Management
  • Occupancy Sign-Offs and Approvals
  • Start-Up Testing and Commissioning
  • Manage Efforts for LEED Certification Process
Our Construction Management Services for the post-construction phase include
  • Deficiency List Completion / Closeout
  • Move Management Services
  • Change Management / Transition to Occupancy
  • Project Closeout
  • Warranty Assistance


(Not at risk)


Knightsbridge Development Corporation provides advisory services that span the real estate life cycle of an asset, and encompasses a full range of integrated services, giving us the ability to act as a turnkey specialist.

All of our advisory services are aimed at maximizing return on investment and increasing property value. We truly appreciate the importance of exercising proper financial reporting, transparency and governance, while recognizing the fine distinction between operating a property for long-term preservation versus a strategy based on a defined exit strategy.

Our advisory services include
  • Assistance with Feasibility Studies/Analyses
  • Due Diligence
  • Site Selection
  • Financial Pro Forma Review
  • Financing, Applications and Negotiations
  • Design Team Selection
  • Review of Program
  • Review of Budgets
  • Review of Design / Constructability / Value Engineering
  • Managing Clearance of Building Violations
  • Management of Entitlements, Permits and Approvals
  • Review of Project Schedule / Cash Flow
  • Sustainability Input
  • Recommendations on Bidding Strategies
  • Recommendations on Long Lead Material / Equipment Procurement
  • Review Contractor Qualification Statements
  • Contractor and Vendor Selection / Replacement Assistance
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Commissioning Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting of Development & Construction Matters
  • Guidance on Default Remedies
  • Takeover and Completion Services